(2024 年 6 月 14 日)— nmTeam 今日正式推出 nmBot NEXT。

nmBot NEXT 包含数十项新功能,包括:

我们希望这些功能为用户带来更顺畅的使用体验。后续,nmBot NEXT 还将推出更多功能,为我们的用户提供更多帮助。

若在使用 nmBot NEXT 时遇到问题或有任何意见,欢迎随时联系 nmTeam 支持获取帮助。

June 14, 2024— nmTeam officially launched nmBot NEXT today.

nmBot NEXT includes dozens of new features, including:

We hope these features bring a smoother experience to our users. In the future, nmBot NEXT will introduce more features to provide more assistance to our users.

If you encounter any issues or have any feedback while using nmBot NEXT, please feel free to contact nmTeam Support for help.

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