nmTeam announces nmBot NEXT

(2024 年 3 月 22 日) — nmTeam 今日面向 Telegram 用户发布 nmBot NEXT,这是基于 nmBot 近两年来全部的开发运营经验所研发的全新版本 nmBot。

nmBot NEXT 通过我们最新研发的 WINE(广泛改进的 nmBot 引擎),性能实现了进一步提升,常用操作提速最高达 80%*

几乎所有您习惯的功能和操作方法都将包含在 nmBot NEXT 中,您不需要事先了解任何知识就可轻松使用。同时,相比现有版本,nmBot NEXT 操作起来更简便清晰。我们还优化了繁体中文和英语翻译,本地化更上一层楼。

nmBot 频道的后续帖子中,我们将为您详细介绍 nmBot NEXT 带来的全新功能和系统优化。

nmBot NEXT 公开预览版将于今年 4 月推出。今年晚些时候,nmBot NEXT 将替代现有版本 nmBot 面向所有用户推出。

nmBot NEXT 推出前,现有版本 nmBot 将继续获得关键的漏洞和错误修复。

* 该数据为实验室条件下测得,运行速度依实际情况存在差异。

(March 22, 2024) — nmTeam today announces nmBot NEXT for Telegram users, which is a all-new version of nmBot developed based on all the development and operation experience of nmBot in the past two years.

nmBot NEXT further improves performance with our newly developed WINE (Widely Improved nmBot Engine), speeding up common operations by up to 80%*.

Almost all the functions and operating methods you are accustomed to will be included in nmBot NEXT, and you can use it easily without any prior knowledge. At the same time, nmBot NEXT is easier and clearer to operate than the existing version. We have also optimized the Traditional Chinese and English translations, taking localization to the next level.

In subsequent posts on nmBot Channel, we will introduce you to the new features and system optimizations brought by nmBot NEXT in detail.

nmBot NEXT will be available in public preview this April. Later this year, nmBot NEXT will be available to all users, replacing the existing version of nmBot.

Existing versions of nmBot will continue to receive critical bug and bug fixes prior to the launch of nmBot NEXT.

* This data is measured under laboratory conditions, and the operating speed may vary depending on actual conditions.

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