Global Accessibility Awareness Day

2024 年 5 月 16 日是第 13 个全球无障碍宣传日。每年这个时候,我们都在 nmTeam Newsroom 发布新闻稿,复盘过去一年在产品无障碍方面的努力。

一直以来,nmTeam 都将残障人士能正常使用我们的产品视为一项重要目标。这一定程度上加大了我们工作的难度和工作量,但为全球超 10 亿残障人士提供优质服务始终是我们的追求。

去年,我们在全新 nmBot 面板中延续了我们对这一目标的追求。今年晚些时候将发布的新版 nmTeam 账号系统也将延续我们对无障碍使用体验的关注。

您可以在我们迎接 nmTeam 成立后第一个全球无障碍宣传日时发布的介绍页面进一步了解 nmTeam 产品的辅助功能和无障碍承诺。如果您对 nmTeam 产品的无障碍体验有任何意见、建议,也可以随时向我们提出。

May 16, 2024 is the 13th Global Accessibility Awareness Day. Every year around this time, we publish a press release in nmTeam Newsroom reviewing our product accessibility efforts over the past year.

nmTeam has always considered making our products accessible to people with disabilities as an important goal. This has increased the difficulty and workload of our work to a certain extent, but providing high-quality services to the more than 1 billion people with disabilities around the world has always been our pursuit.

Last year, we continued our pursuit of this goal with the brand-new nmBot panel. The new version of the nmTeam account system that will be released later this year will also continue our focus on barrier-free user experience.

You can learn more about the accessibility of nmTeam products on the Introduction Page released when we celebrated nmTeam's first Global Accessibility Awareness Day. Also if you have any comments or suggestions about the accessibility experience of nmTeam products, you can always submit them to us.

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