nmTeam 今天宣布面向 Telegram 用户推出贴纸包 nmStickers for Telegram。

nmStickers for Telegram 包含有关 nmTeam 的贴纸包,内容风趣幽默,并饱含 nm 特色。

今起,Telegram 用户将可以在 Telegram 中使用这个贴纸包。要下载贴纸包,请使用此链接:


nmStickers for Telegram 后续还会包含更多由 nmTeam 精心制作的贴纸。

nmStickers for Telegram 在 nmTeam 网站上的展示页将位于 https://nmteam.xyz/nmstickers-for-telegram。这个页面仍在开发中,将在 nmTeam 网站视觉更新后发布。

Today nmTeam has announced the launch of the sticker set nmStickers for Telegram users.

nmStickers for Telegram is a sticker set about nmTeam, which is humorous and full of nmFeatures.

Today Telegram users will be able to use this sticker set in Telegram. To set up the sticker set, please click this link:


nmStickers for Telegram will include more stickers carefully made by nmTeam in the follow-up.

The showcase page of nmStickers for Telegram on the nmTeam website will be located at https://nmteam.xyz/nmstickers-for-telegram. This page is still under development and will be released after the visual update of the nmTeam website.

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