nmTeam 正在执行一系列更改,以在多项服务中启用新域名换用旧域名。

近日,nmTeam 宣布了一项新更改,即将启用三个新域名 nmteam.xyz, nmteam.top 和 nmnm.fun。

未来,nmteam.xyz 将作为 nmTeam 主站及部分服务的域名,nmteam.top 将作为测试环境域名,nmnm.fun 将作为 nmTeam 邮箱和部分 nmTeam 服务和 API 的域名。

nmTeam 将智能处理这些域名,这一变更将不会影响 nmTeam 服务的正常使用。

现有域名 nmteam.ml 将在长时间内保留,但我们建议您尽快更新您网站收藏夹中的链接。

nmTeam is implementing a series of changes to enable new domains in exchange for old domain names in multiple services.

Recently, nmTeam announced a new change, which will soon launch three new domains nmteam.xyz, nmteam.top and nmnm.fun.

In the future, nmteam.xyz will be the domain of the nmTeam main site and some services, nmteam.top will be the domain of the test environment, and nmnm.fun will be the domain of nmTeam mailbox and some nmTeam services and APIs.

nmTeam will handle these domains intelligently, and this change will not affect the normal use of the nmTeam service.

The existing domain nmteam.ml will be retained for a long time, but we recommend that you update the links in your favorites as soon as possible.

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