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亲爱的各位 nm 人:

光阴似箭,日月如梭。转眼间,nmTeam 已经成立一年。

这一年来,我和我们的团队成员提出了不少的点子,也做了不少的工作,我要由衷感谢他们在本职工作之余,能为 nmTeam 做出或大或小的贡献。
我也很高兴向大家宣布 nmTeam 的一些进展:
包含种种创新设计的 nmTeam 社区 nmFun 已经初具雏形,计划于近期择日上线;我们还在积极研发一款新产品,它将以好用的功能、精美的外观、开源的态度,挑战业界飙升的占用、粗滥的设计、高昂的收费,敬请期待。希望这些进展后续能为 nmTeam 带来更大的成果。
我们的 Telegram 版 nmBot 一经推出,就获得了大量朋友的喜爱;nmBrowser StartPage 同样广受好评,被我们的用户誉为最舒适的浏览器主页。我可以向大家透露,我们正在规划 nmBrowser StartPage 的一个后代产品,它将继承 nmBrowser StartPage 轻量好用的优点,并拥有更多强大的创新功能。
感谢大家一年以来的支持。接下来,希望大家能继续支持 nmTeam,也希望 nmTeam 能够取得新的、更大的成就,让我们一起 Make nm Great Again!

agou, nmTeam 创始人 & CEO

Dear nmers:
Hello everyone.
Time flies, in a blink of eyes, nmTeam has been established for a year.
Over the past year, our team members and I have proposed a lot of ideas and I have done a lot of work. I sincerely thank them for their hard-working that makes big or small contributions to nmTeam.
I am also glad to announce some recently progress of nmTeam:
The nmTeam community nmFun, which contains all kinds of our innovative designs, has begun to take shape and is planned to be launched on the near future; we are also actively developing a new product. It will challenge the industry's high computer resource usage rate, rough and terrible design, and high charges with a nice function, exquisite appearance, and open-source attitude, so stay tuned. It is hoped that these progress can bring greater results to nmTeam in the future.
Once our Telegram version of nmBot was launched, it was loved by a large number of our friends; nmBrowser StartPage was also widely praised by our users as the most comfortable browser homepage. I can disclose to everyone that we are planning a descendant product of the nmBrowser StartPage, which will inherit the advantages of lightweight and easy-to-use nmBrowser StartPage and have more powerful innovation functions.
Thank you for your support over a year, and I hope that everyone can continue to support nmTeam, as well as that nmTeam can achieve new and greater achievements. Let us MAKE nm GREAT AGAIN together!

agou, nmTeam Founder & CEO

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