nm 何处达,电报系手边

nmTeam 很高兴面向广大 Telegram 中文用户推出 Telegram 版 nmBot。

Telegram 版 nmBot 现在已可与用户进行亲密沟通,未来还会获得更多能力。

您可以加入 nmTeam 官方 Telegram 群组 https://t.me/nmteamchat ,立即开始与 nmBot 交流开发。

nm shall find where? On Telegram you install 

nmTeam is delighted to launch the Telegram version of nmBot to the majority of Telegram Chinese users.

The Telegram version of nmBot can now communicate intimately with users, and will gain more capabilities in the future.

You can join the official nmTeam Telegram group https://t.me/nmteamchat to start the communication with nmBot today.

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