nmTeam 发布的文章

为缓解 nmTeam 管理问题,nmTeam 将于近期调整成员列表并明确成员加入规则。这一调整适用于 nmTeam 的官方网站、GitHub 组织及第三方平台的信息展示与相关权限组设置。

一、原 nmTeam 官方网站的成员信息展示页面已删除。
二、2022 年 2 月 1 日前加入 nmTeam GitHub 组织的不具有任何 nmTeam 仓库的管理员权限且无 nmTeam 仓库内代码提交记录的组织成员将于 3 月 12 日被移出 nmTeam 和 GitHub 组织,nmTeam 加入申请恢复接受后可再次申请加入。符合将被移出组织成员条件和 2022 年加入组织的成员即日起不得提交代码,不得进行相关活动,不得以 nmTeam 成员身份在外活动;不符合被移出组织条件的,若加入组织时间在 2021 年内,不受上述措施影响。若有特殊情况,请于 3 月 11 日前整理为书面形式发送电子邮件至 member@nmteam.xyz 或直接联系阿狗,按照具体问题具体分析的原则处理。
三、即日起暂停接受任何形式的 nmTeam 加入申请,下述工作完成后自动回复,不另行通知。
四、《nmTeam 成员加入规则(试行)》及相关办法将于近期拟定,计划于本月在官方网站公示,公示期 3 天,公示期内面向全体 nm 人征求意见。公示结束后,若无异议,相关办法拟于公示期结束后 3 日内实施。若后续实际安排有变动,以变动后的公告为准。
五、3 月 20 日后仍在 nmTeam GitHub 组织的成员将于相关规则实行后自动加入 nmTeam 成员名单。
六、《nmTeam 成员加入规则(试行)》中若规定多种成员等级,上述 GitHub 组织成员中,2022 年加入的自动划归为其中最基础的等级,2021 年加入的按照实际情况划归。划归后 7 日内不得提高等级,30 日内不得被移出 nmTeam,后续按照相关办法管理。
七、《nmTeam 成员加入规则(试行)》中若规定多种成员职责范围,上述 GitHub 组织成员应于被划归后 15 日内通过 member@nmteam.xyz 或直接联系阿狗报告工作范围。15 日后仍未报告的,由 nmTeam 根据实际情况确定其职责范围。
八、相关调整后,nmTeam 将维持自由开放的方针。
九、3 月 1 日前通过各种方式故意破坏 nmTeam 运营活动或造谣抹黑 nmTeam 的成员将被自动移除。

In order to alleviate nmTeam management problems, nmTeam will adjust the member list in the near future and clarify the rules for member joining. This adjustment applies to the information display and related permission group settings of nmTeam's official website, GitHub organization and third-party platforms.

The specific arrangements are as follows:
1. The member information display page of the original nmTeam official website has been deleted.
2. Organization members who joined the nmTeam GitHub organization before February 1, 2022 without administrator privileges in any nmTeam repository and without a code submission record in the nmTeam repository will be removed from the nmTeam and GitHub organizations on March 12. After the nmTeam join application resumes acceptance, you can apply for joining again. Members who meet the conditions to be removed from the organization and who join the organization in 2022 are not allowed to submit codes, conduct related activities, or conduct activities outside the organization as nmTeam members; those who do not meet the conditions to be removed from the organization, if they join the organization within 2021, they will not be affected by the above measures. If there are special circumstances, please organize them in writing and send an email to member@nmteam.xyz or contact Agou directly before March 11, and deal with it according to the principle of specific analysis of specific problems.
3. From now on, the acceptance of any form of nmTeam application will be suspended, and it will be automatically reopen without prior notice after arrangements below are done.
4. "nmTeam Join Rules (Trial)" and related measures will be formulated in the near future. It is planned to be announced on the official website this month. The publicity period is 3 days. During the publicity period, all nmers will be solicited for comments. After the public announcement, if there is no objection, the relevant measures are planned to be implemented within 3 days after the public announcement period ends. If there is any change in the actual arrangement in the future, the announcement after the change shall prevail.
5. Members who are still in the nmTeam GitHub organization after March 20 will be automatically added to the nmTeam member list after the relevant rules are implemented.
6. If there are multiple membership levels specified in the "nmTeam Join Rules (Trial)", among the above GitHub organization members, those who joined in 2022 will be automatically classified as the most basic level, and those who joined in 2021 will be classified according to the actual situation. The level shall not be increased within 7 days after being assigned, and members shall not be removed from nmTeam within 30 days. They will then be managed in accordance with relevant measures.
7. If the "nmTeam Join Rules (Trial)" stipulates various members' responsibilities, the above-mentioned GitHub organization members should report the scope of work through member@nmteam.xyz or directly contact Agou within 15 days after being assigned. If there's no report after 15 days, nmTeam will determine his scope of responsibility according to the actual situation.
8. After relevant adjustments, nmTeam will maintain a free and open policy.
9. Members who intentionally disrupt nmTeam services or spread rumors to smear nmTeam before March 1 will be automatically removed.

2022 年 3 月 7 日

经调查和肇事者承认,某 nmTeam 成员因个人情绪原因于 2022 年 2 月 27 日将 nmTeam 服务器停机,拒绝联络,造成 nmTeam 服务中断,部分数据丢失。

After investigation and the admission of the perpetrator, we have confirmed that one nmTeam member had shut down and disabled nmTeam’s server on February 27, 2022 and refused to get in touch with other members because of his own negative feelings that had caused the nmTeam services down and the loss of some data.
Whether to disclose details and the perpetrator or not will be decided according to the follow-up situation.

2022 年 3 月 7 日